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Geolab (Laboratory of Geosciences and Geotechnologies) is a geoscience and geoengineering laboratory equipped to study raw materials. For this purpose, Geolab perform mineralogical, petrological, geochemical, geomechanical characterization and mineral and waste processing tests. The lab assures the execution of tests according European standard and develop innovative ones. Is also part of Geolab broadband seismographic stations, forming two networks and a central processing lab: TAGUSNET and NAVIGATORS (stations in Central Portugal, Madeira, Azores and South Morocco). Geolab is part of C4G, a national scientific infrastructure, which is part of EPOS (Esfri Infrastructure). From extensive list of equipment stands out the X-Ray microtomography, the JK Batch Flotation Cell, the core flooding unit and the High-Pressure Tri-Axial Cell GCTS, for their exceptionality.

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