IT Equipments

The ITLab is devoted to create more sustainable and energy efficient productive systems, to process and to model spatial/temporal information, to process remote sensing images, to handle seismic reflection data both on processing and interpretation, to run seismic inversion, dynamic fluid simulation and history matching processes.

IT Logo

The ITLab is composed by more than 80 personal workstations, 4 servers, a completely redundant network storage solution to store, archive and backup all relevant information system used by our researchers and an internal computer network integrated in IST network. Data storage and archive is done supported by a with a Synology DS-2145+. The network is relies on a HP Proliant DL180 G6, as Primary Domain Controller, and a HP Proliant DL380e Gen8 as virtualization server. All software licenses available within the network are supported by a Dual CPU Opteron 275 acting as license server. A high performance workstation with Core i9 7900x with 64GB RAM and a dual Nvidia 1070Ti is available to process big data.