Sofia Orisková

Research Fellow



Sofia Orišková is a graduate of Consumer Chemistry at the Department of Applied and Physical Chemistry, Brno University of Technology. She spent a one year stay at the Technical University of Lisbon as an Erasmus+ student. In her master thesis, awarded as the best thesis of 2020 at her department, she proposed and developed a novel technique of incorporation of bacterial cells into alginate hydrogels for agricultural application. During her studies, Sofia interned in four companies in three countries gaining experience from different fields of chemistry and polymer science. Her main scientific interests are colloidal chemistry, nanomaterials and polymers. At the moment, she is a new research fellow at the Centre for Natural Resources and the Environment - Technical University of Lisbon (CERENA – IST), working on a novel solar photocatalytic wastewater purification system (SOLAR2CLEAN project), aiming to achieve good Vis-light responsiveness, efficient separation of photo-generated charge carriers, outstanding reuse performance and stability.