Bruno Henrique Miguez Moreira

Research Fellow



Bruno Miguez Moreira graduated in Oceanography at UFSC - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Florianópolis - Brazil, 2018), and holds a MSc degree in the same area from Universidad de Vigo, (Vigo-Spain, 2019). The MSc thesis was developed with ocean floor mapping (at Patos Beach - Spain) using hydrograph (Side Scan Sonar) and groundtruthing techniques. 
His main interests of research are related to environmental data management, remote sensing and GIS, always looking for new tools which could help the growing challenges in spatial planning and environmental monitoring. 
Presently he is a research fellow at the Centre for Natural Resources and the Environment - Technical University of Lisbon (CERENA – IST), working with at ALTITUD3 Project, which aims at to develop an assessment of low-cost aerial Intelligent systems for natural Terrain 3D mapping.