Maura Lousada

Research Fellow



Maura Lousada is currently a PhD Student in Georesources, with a dissertation focused on pattern analysis in regions with permafrost soils through satellite images. She graduated in Biophysics Engineering from University of Évora 2007. She worked in different companies related with GIS, in projects such as: Portuguese COS (Land cover classification maps); a project with LIDAR data for the REN company; and supervision of agricultural parcels by remote sensing for attribution of European subsidies. Working in IST from 2010 to 2012 she was managing and integrating data from the ANAPOLIS project (Analysis of polygonal terrains on Mars based on Earth analogues) with GIS and remote sensing tools. In the same field of expertise, she also participated in studies related to the identification of landslides on Madeira Island from VHR remotely sensed images. In 2012 she also concluded a Master degree from the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon in Environmental Geology, and Geohazards.