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Patrícia Leitão

Research Fellow



"Bachelor and Master degree in Environmental Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Sciences, UPorto. Previous work include a MSc thesis in “Reliability of a line-of-view sensor for recycling point waste containers”. Currently is developing her PhD with a FCT mixed scholarship at Porto and IRSA-CNR in Rome, Italy, within the theme “Microbial Bioelectrochemical Remediation of Chlorinated Organics” in Environmental Engineering. This thesis is supervised by Anthony Danko, Hendrikus Nouws and Federico Aulenta. Her research interests are bioelectrochemical systems, microbiological techniques and in situ field application of developed soil remediation techniques."


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F. Aulenta

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A.S. Danko

Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology | 2014

A.S. Danko

S.J. Fontenete

D. De Aquino Leite

C. Almeida

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