Published manuals

CERENA has been actively involved on the publication of technical manuals on several areas of expertise.

Explosives manual cover
Manual do Operador de Produtos Explosivos

The Manual do Operador de Produtos Explosivos (Manual for the Operator of Explosive Substances) corresponds to a fundamental contribution for training and information of professionals that use explosive substances, giving the necessary and adequate knowledge mainly about safety. A preview version is available for download.

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Eficiência Energética
Medidas Transversais de Eficiência Energética para a Indústria

This booklet explains several measures to improve the Energy Efficiency on the industry related with Electrical Systems, Heat and Cold Production, Combined Production of Heat and Power, heat recovery, industrial Lighting and other type of minor topics well related. This is an edition in Portuguese distributed free of charge to all the industry and energy managers.

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Integração de processos- Uma metodologia de optimização energética e ambiental

This booklet (with 125 pages ) shows how to apply the Pinch Analysis  methodology to improve the Energy Efficiency. The available tools for the Analysis, such Composite Curves and Problem Table are illustrated. Moreover, the design of the best heat exchangers network is obtained from the grid representation of the Minimum Energy Requirements network (MER) and their evolution by removing cycles of heat exchange. This is an edition in Portuguese.

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