Eduardo José Airoso Barrela




Eduardo Barrela is an O&G research fellow at CERENA and a current PhD student at Instituto Superior Técnico, where he also received his MSc in Petroleum Engineering. He also holds a MSc in Civil Engineering from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. During his MSc in Petroleum Engineering, he had the opportunity to develop his final thesis, entitled “Geostatistical History Matching coupled with Adaptive Stochastic Sampling: A zonation-based approach using Direct Sequential Simulation”, at the Uncertainty Quantification Group of Heriot-Watt University, where he linked geostatistical modelling techniques developed at CERENA/IST with the reservoir modelling knowledge and stochastic sampling techniques developed at HWU/UQG. His current research interests lie broadly on the topics of spatial statistics, machine learning and robust uncertainty quantification/integration in prediction modelling.