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The ITLab is composed of more than 80 personal workstations, 6 servers, a completely redundant network storage solution to store, archive and backup all relevant information systems used by our researchers and an internal computer network integrated in IST network. 
1 SAN server, for high performance and high availability storage, backed up to an off-site location.
2 Servers for AI and Neural network research

1 High performance server, capable of processing large neural networks, featuring NVidia's best in class H100 and 1TB of RAM, and 10 TB of blazing fast NVme storage

1 Server for small and medium large networks or GPU accelerated computation, consisting of Core i9 128GB of RAM and dual Nvidia 1070 Ti GPUs

2 Virtualization servers are used to host several of our internal and external servers, including our websites and license servers.


List of Equipments

List of Software