Andreas Tuhafeni Salom

Research Fellow



Andreas Tuhafeni Salom has an M. Eng. in Mining Engineering at FEUP, the University of Porto that he completed in July of 2017. His master thesis research was on the application of Maptek Vulcan mining software project thesis “Remining and Restructure of a Tailing Deposit-Technical Feasibility” at Rio Tailing near Panasqueira mine. Ass supervised the project. Prof Alexandre Machado Leite and Prof José Soeiro Carvalho. Prior to that, he was award a B.Eng. in Mining Engineering at Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) in 2014. He has an experience of working in both surface and underground mines mainly for the base mineral. Recently, he just recently completed a Magellan Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at Porto Business School, which started in August 2017, and he was part of the team that represents PBS at John Molson International Case Study Competition 2017 at Montreal, Canada. Currently, he is developing his PhD in Mining Engineering and Geo-Resources (FEUP), In which he intends to investigate the current practice for multicriteria decision-making tools as decision making aid for strategic capital investments in mining projects taking into consideration the risks and uncertainties. The motivation is due to the complexity of these project and the number of stakeholders involved for any project to be developed in his research he aims to develop a new /modified exist multicriteria decision-making aid and applied it to the complex proposal phosphate marine mining investment project in Namibia. As a decision support tools for multi-criteria analysis and risk assessment that can be used in in the complex investment. The thesis is considering integrating the risks and uncertainty from five dimensions namely political, economic, technological, environmental & social and legal as variable/attribute to mining projects investments. The other interest areas are mineral economics and evaluation, mineral project finance, mineral policy and law, nuclear energy, deep-sea mining and risks management.