Catarina Marques




Catarina Marques has a Master in Petroleum Engineering (2015) from Instituto Superior Técnico, a Post-Graduation in Project Management (2014) from ISEG and a Master in Civil Engineering (2007) from Universidade de Coimbra. Her master thesis title “Multiscale Geostatistical History Matching using Block Direct Sequential Simulation and Uncertainty Quantification” was developed in partnership with Uncertainty Quantification Group in Heriot-Watt under a joint supervision of Professor Leonardo Azevedo (IST) and Professor Vasily Demyanov (Heriot-Watt). Currently she is a researcher in CERENA (March 2016) and she is starting a PhD in Petroleum Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico. Her main scientific research is related with geostatistical modelling using seismic inversion and history matching and also the uncertainty assessment for complex petroleum reservoir modelling.She is a member of SPE, SEG and EAGE associations and the founder and president of SPE Student Chapter at Instituto Superior Técnico.