Francisco Patrocínio

Research Fellow



Francisco José Gomes Patrocínio was born on the 11th October 1991, in Torres Vedras, Portugal. Graduated from IST-UL, in Chemical Engineering in 2017, with the Msc thesis "Aspen simulation of biomass conversion processes". Said thesis provided him with comprehensive knowledge of Aspen Plus software, particularly towards simulation of processes containing non-conventional solids. Started his Phd on Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Enginering in March 2018, with the project "Galp's Sines Refinery Refinery freshwater consumption and wastewater production minimisation", with the supervision of Professor Nuno Oliveira, from FCT-UC, and the co-supervision of Professor Henrique Matos, from IST-UL. The Phd is heavily focused in constrained mathematical optimization. Currently conducts the field work toward his doctoral project at Galp Energia's Sines Refinery, which consists of mapping the water network, reconciling the water, steam and wastewater process