João Narciso

Research Fellow



João Narciso is a Ph.D. student in Earth Resources at Instituto Superior Técnico and Ghent University, and Research Fellow at Centro de Recursos Naturais e Ambiente (CERENA), with 10 years of experience in geoscience research, especially in subsurface characterization and modeling applied to seismic hazard, geotechnics and earth resources.

He holds a degree in Geology and other in Civil Engineering, both from U. of Coimbra, an MSc in Geological and Mining Engineering from U. of Coimbra and an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico.

He was awarded with a Ph.D. scholarship from FCT (SFRH/BD/139577/2018) in 2018.

Currently his main research interests are related with the development of new geostatistical inversion methods using near-surface techniques to characterize landfills deposits associated with potential environments hazards and areas of interest for secondary resource recovery.