José Dâmaso Condeço

Research Fellow



"José Condeço is a PhD Student in Chemical Engineering: Synthesis and characterization of new additives for polyolefins: bi-functional additives for the inhibition of photo-oxidative phenomena. Supervisors: Prof João Bordado (IST), Prof Humberto Ferreira (Fac Farmácia). He graduated in Chemical Engineering at IST in 1997. Projects: Centre for Microscopy, Microanalysis and Image Processing, Danish Technological Institute, DTI, Denmark; Centre for Surface Metrology and Functionality, DTI; Development of an electrochemical production process, Halmstad University, Sweden; R&D storage of renewable energy, Portugal; QREN project at IST. He has co-authored several papers in ISI journals with scientific refereeing, and is co-author of one patent."