Lucia Dillon

Principal Investigator

Petrobras Consultant


Lúcia Dillon graduated in Physics from the Brazilian Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in 1979, holds a Master’s Degree in Solid State Physics from the same university and a PhD from UFRJ in collaboration with Stanford University. With 30 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, Lúcia Dillon held several positions at Petrobras. For the past 10 years, as Senior Geophysist, Lúcia worked for the Exploration & Production Department at Petrobras’ Headquarters, as an expert on QI (Quantitative Interpretation). In this context, she provided technical support to many of Petrobras’ Exploratory Drilling Proposals and Reservoir Characterization Studies. Lately, as Master Consultant and Assistant to the Head of Exploration at Petrobras, she was also involved in the the evaluation of E&P prospects and technical aspects of the exploratory strategic policy. Lúcia Dillon has participated actively in the academic area, holding experiences as teacher at the UFRJ Physics Institute, as invited researcher at Stanford University (1998/99) and invited researcher at Institut Français du Petrole (2005). Member of EAEG, SEG, SBGF, Lúcia has published numerous technical papers and has been involved, as an advisor, with Masters and PhD thesis, as well as in the trainning of Petrobras young generations of geophysicists. Recently, in august 2016, Lúcia Dillon completed her retention bonus period at Petrobras and was free to exercise her option to retire and start a new professional moment as an independent consultant. Lúcia is, therefore, currently open to cooperation with the Academy and/or the Industry.