Maria de Lurdes Dinis

Assistant Professor with Habilitation



PhD degree in Environmental Engineering (4 years) FEUP (2007). Master in Environmental Engineering (2 years) FEUP (2000). Graduation degree in Mining Engineering (5 years) FEUP (1996). Supervision 18 Master and 1 Doctorate theses. PROJECTS: PRODUCTION OF HYBRID pultruded PROFILES - Pultrusion-hybrid. QREN funding. Duration 2 years. Concluded February 2014; Principal Investigator: Modeling Dispersion in the Atmosphere of Radioactive Elements and Metals Originated by a Central Thermal Coal. FCT funding. Duration 3 years. Concluded on November 2013; PULTReficaz - Optimization of the Pultrusion Process. QREN funding. Duration 2 years. Concluded October 2011; 31 communications in International Meetings, Conferences and Workshops (NATO Workshops and NATO Advanced Institute, IAEA conferences and Uranium Mining and Hydrogeology conferences). 46 publications: Articles in Peer Scientific International Journals (10), Book Chapters (8), Publications in proceedings of International Conferences.


Occupational Safety and Hygiene V - Proceedings of the International Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene, SHO 2017 | 2017

A.S. Silva

Arsenic Research and Global Sustainability - Proceedings of the 6th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment, AS 2016 | 2016

Occupational Safety and Hygiene IV - Selected, Extended and Revised Contributions from the International Symposium Occupational Safety and Hygiene, 2016 | 2016

A.S. Silva

A.J.S.C. Pereira