The Energy Group develops research focused on hydrocarbons, both from conventional and unconventional sources, low-carbon energy, biofuels and energy efficiency. Research on advanced methods for exploration, subsurface modelling and characterisation, production and refining of different kind of energy forms is undertaken, especially contributing for the decarbonisation. We aim at investigate technological solutions that are affordable, cost-effective and resource-efficient.


These objectives are pursued in close contact with the companies that operate in the energy market, in particular in fuel production, both in Portugal and abroad. It is noteworthy that CERENA has very close contacts and cooperates regularly with Portuguese companies like GALP, Partex Oil & Gas (oil and gas operators), Iberol and Prio (fuels suppliers), but also with regulatory entities, like ADENE and DGEG, and with energy users like The Navigator Company.



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Selected Publications

Advances in Oil and Gas Exploration & Production | 2017

Leonardo Azevedo

Amílcar Soares

| 2016

J.C. Bernardo

P. Martins

C. Cardoso

P. Partidário

P. Gomes