Maria Margarida Mateus




Ph.D. in Chemistry, a specialty of Chemical Physics, and post-doc in Chemical Engineering. Is currently Assistant Professor at NewAtlantica University and Principal Research in a private project in SECIL company. In this project, the objective is an implementation of a biorefinery to upgrade a bio-fuel from a new liquefaction process with the purpose to obtain a fuel with a high calorific value and bio-based building blocks. 
In the past has participated in projects with the private sector (Secil, CorkSupply, The Navigator Company, Galp) in product developer and process and project analysis and consulting.
Owns two national and one international patents, several communications and publications in International peer-reviewed journals and two book chapters. 
Her primary research interests concern bio-fuels, biorefinery, depolymerization of lignocellulosic biomass, circular economy, R&D product developer, project and process engineering and implementation.


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